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Dress According To Your Body Type To Look Stunning

prom2edit-211x300You may sometimes wear the prettiest dress you bought, however will fail to get that special look. Some days you may choose the drabbest outfit, but manage to look stunning. Know the reason? It’s simple. You should dress as per your body shape. The correct fit is very important .Once your clothes fit correctly, and then you can see wonders happening to your stylewe. Take a look through the following link: – http://www.fashionatingworld.com/new1-2/item/5405-the-fashion-business-a-global-perspective.html.

Before moving into examining your wardrobe closely, let’s try to find out which body shape category you belong to. To know which category you belong to, stand in front of a mirror and examine your body. Keep your arms away from the body and get someone to take measurements. You need to measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hip. As per these measurements, you can determine which body shape you are.

Inverted triangle

Your upper area will be larger than your hip measurement.
Formula:-Measurement of your shoulders or bust ÷ measurement of your hips will be greater than or equal to 1.05.


Here your shoulder, hips as bust will be the same measurement; however you will have no defined waistline.
Formula:-Measurement of your waist ÷ measurement of your shoulders or bust will be greater than or equal to .75.


Mostly your hips will be wider than shoulders.
Formula:-Measurement of your hips ÷ measurement of your shoulders or bust will be greater than or equal to 1.05.

Here your shoulders will be the same measurement as your hips.
Formula: – Measurement of your waist ÷ measurements of your shoulders and bust together should be less than or equal to 0.75

Suggestions for a few body types:-

The balanced body. This is a perfect shape which ladies would love to achieve. For those who are blessed with an hour glassed shaped body, do not hide your curves. Wear dresses which flatter them and show off your waist too. This will emphasize your figure and will give you a stunning look.
What to wear:-
Pencil skirts, Wrap dresses, Crop tops and belted pants are the best options for you.

You should emphasize your upper body.
What to wear:-High waist skirts, straight leg pants, shift dress, a flowy top are some of the great choices for you.

The advantage of your figure is that by highlighting the slimmest part of your waist, you can look totally glamorous.
What to wear:-Miniskirts, tapered pants, side cut dresses and embroidered tops are definitely for you.

You put on weight on the hip regions, so throw the focus off your hip.
What to wear:-
Boot cut bottoms, A- line skirts, off shouldered dresses and ruffled tops are going to make you look fantastic.

So now that you have an idea of what your body shape is and which dresses would look good on you, try to redo your wardrobe. The simplest changes will bring about great differences in the way you look. There is no need to spend too much on clothes. Just buy the correct clothes and suitable accessories to look stylish and chic.