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Go Green With A Herbal Shampoo


The commercial shampoos available in the market contain several chemicals and detergents and it offers more harm than benefits. These toxic chemicals and detergents remove natural oil from the hair and develop chemicals in your hair. It results in lifeless and dull hair. Natural shampoos made from natural ingredients like herbs, cleans your hair naturally without disturbing the innate chemical balance of the scalp and your overall hair.

When shopping for natural shampoos you must pick the right formula to make sure the shampoo addresses your specific hair problems. There are unique natural shampoo available for dry hair, oily hair and for any certain hair conditions like dandruff, hair fall etc. It is important to pick an herbal hair shampoo that contains the herbal ingredients in the right formula that works wonders for your hair.

Oily scalp is the result of an overactive sebaceous glands present in your scalp. Though natural oil works for oily hair, hair becomes dirty and unruly when there is a large amount of oil in your hair. You must pick an herbal shampoo that sheds the excess oil from your scalp and dry and motivate it to generate more oil.

Natural oils for oily hair are enriched with citrus oil that support and balance the oil creation so that your hair looks stronger and cleaner for longer period. In addition to that tea-tree oil, having antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, is added to heal your scalp and give your hair a refreshed feel.

The reason for dry hair is the lack of sufficient natural oils in your scalp. Dry hair does not shine, has rough texture and is also brittle. You must remember that you do not need to remove any oil from the scalp. Thus the natural shampoo for dry hair should provide additional oil to your scalp, so that it nourishes your hair and gives them a much smoother texture. Further moisturizing will not give a dirty look.

Most of the natural shampoos available now, contain ingredients such as coconut, Shea butter and orchid flower, to give a lush and moisturized look to your hair. The additional ingredients in the natural shampoo like natural plant extracts, botanicals, and sugar repair brittle and dry hair. It works effectively with curly and chemically treated hair that require extra care.

Dandruff is a major issue for both genders and for all age group. This can occur at any part of their lives. It is not because of dry scalp. The ingredients found in commercial shampoos sometimes offer the worst result for dandruff problem. But, the ingredients found in a natural shampoo, like rosemary, tea-tree oil, aloe and other herbs support in reducing the inflammation and scalp irritation, and seek to repair the scalp and rejuvenate it. It makes your hair healthy and strong and also prevents breakage.

Hair loss is caused by different reasons such as diet, hormonal changes, and genetics. Losing small amount of hair daily is common for everyone. But you must give extra attention to your hair when you have large amount of hair fall. You can prefer natural shampoos that are rich in amla and hibiscus.