The Best Free Legal Streaming Media Websites

laptop-computer-with-cable-forming-musical-notes-166085868-57cc89513df78c71b67c741dThere are websites that Stream movies and videos for free. Films and videos are a common property that can be viewed and shared by anyone who doesn’t have a copyright. Many movies and videos protect their copyrights and allow the user to watch only after the registration to that particular website. The Play store allows those mobile applications that obey the terms and conditions set by them. Do you want to download an app that works better both for your Android and PC, which is not available on the Play store? How about MovieBox APK for Android – Download Now! as recommended in

Free streaming apps are categorized and ranked based on the reliability of their source. So taking the security as a feature, let us take a look at the best websites that offer free streaming movie and videos in the descending order.
1. The Internet Archive – is the top-ranked streaming sites which offer legally authorized copyrights holding movies and videos. The movies are listed as a specific category, namely horror, comedy, romantic comedy, action, and informational films.
2. YouTube – the primarily used streaming website. A Certain list of movies is listed out in the paid category. But still, this site offers an extensive collection of movies and videos.
3. Crackle – This site is owned website of Sony, and they offer a broad range of the must watch movies and TV shows. Also, they have exclusive movies and TV series upon registering.
4. The MoviesFoundOnline – this website has great categorized videos and even short films. The main feature is that it possesses many movies as a host streamed movies. But you can always find videos that randomly disappear due to the copyrights issue.
5. PopcornFlix – This website is owned by the popular television show distributor Screen Media Ventures, which ensures that you have the full range of TV programs and series.

When opting for the legal copyrights owned websites, have thought about the above sites for a great movie experience.

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